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Helping People In Getting Their Disability Claim Approved In Wisconsin

If you have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits but have been denied, you are not alone. Don’t give up, and don’t be discouraged. A very high number of initial claims are denied, often because of minor technicalities or misapplications of the law. When this happens, it is necessary to go through the claim appeal process.

Nicolet Law Office, S.C., provides aggressive but compassionate assistance to people who need help getting their disability claim approved. We offer a free consultation from a disability attorney to evaluate your Social Security claim and examine questions such as:

  • What information may have been missing from your initial application?
  • Was your disability listed as a qualifying disability under the most current schedule of disabilities?
  • Was your claim denied because you missed a deadline or filed too early?
  • What further information do you need in order to file an appeal and receive a favorable decision?
  • Did you need different or additional documentation of your physical condition or mental impairment?
  • Did you properly show that you are unable to work or did you have a vocational expert provide additional evidence?
  • Did legal terms such as claimant, applicant, substantial gainful activity or other phrases lead to you filling out the application incorrectly?

After The Decision: Process Overview

The steps to file an appeal and receive disability benefits are complicated but not impossible to overcome. We will start by gathering medical records and case evidence and preparing the information to request a reconsideration hearing (sometimes referred to as an ALJ hearing, named after the administrative law judge (ALJ) that will preside over the hearing and issue a decision). If the ALJ still issues a claim denial, then it is necessary to file an appeal with the Social Security appeals council and continue to follow the appeal process. If your claim is still denied, then it may be necessary to take your claim to federal court.

Why Work With An Attorney For Your SSD Claim Denial Case?

One of the main benefits of working with a disability attorney, other than receiving trusted legal advice, is that you get the peace of mind that comes from having someone else handle all of the administrative and law-related hurdles associated with the appeals process. Otherwise, you’ll need to file a request for reconsideration on your own and will not have a guide when dealing with the administrative law judge and appeals council.

Additionally, while things such as workers’ compensation claims may not directly affect the outcome of a denied Social Security benefits appeal, if you’re also requesting workers’ compensation or you file a lawsuit involving a personal injury related to your disability, you need to understand how those things affect your SSD benefits. This is just a sample of the wide range of issues that you need to consider when dealing with disability insurance, and it highlights why it is so vital to get a disability attorney involved in your denied claim case as soon as possible.

Don’t Give Up After A Claim Denial. We Never Do. Call Us For A Case Evaluation.

Whether you reside in Hudson or elsewhere in Wisconsin or the Twin Cities metropolitan area in Minnesota, we are ready to help. Call our law firm toll-free at 800-456-6956 or send an email with a short explanation of why your claim was denied. We will schedule a free consultation at one of our convenient office locations near you, and you will be able to discuss your situation with a Social Security appeal lawyer.

In Social Security Disability denial law cases, you do not pay attorney fees unless we are able to recover disability benefits for you.


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