A windshield protects drivers and passengers from wind, weather and flying objects like rocks, especially on the highway. However, according to Minnesota’s laws, they’re not required.

Minnesota Legislature’s statute 169.71 doesn’t specifically say that cars need to have windshields. There are, however, regulations about your windshield if you do have one:

  • You can’t have a crack or discoloration that obstructs vision, though regulations don’t specify the size of the crack.
  • No objects can be between the driver and windshield other than visors, rearview mirrors, monitoring equipment, navigation systems, toll collection devices and identification devices.
  • You can’t put any signs or posters on the windshield or other windows.
  • You must have proper windshield wipers for rain, snow and other moisture.
  • You must have a working defroster and you can’t drive before steam or frost is cleared enough for you to see.

If you want to risk flying pebbles to drive a car without a windshield and enjoy the wind, there are some newer models that you can look into. You may want to consider goggles or a helmet, though.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to feel quite as much of the wind in your hair over the border. In Wisconsin, cars are required to have windshields unless they were made before January 1, 1936. Vehicles manufactured after that date are required to have a defroster, windshield wipers and wiper fluid.

So, maybe this spring is the time to try a windshield-less car. Just be careful not to drive too far.