While some industries are more dangerous than others, accidents and injuries can happen in any job. Knowing the risks is the first step toward preventing them. The most common injuries don’t involve dramatic explosions or even motor vehicle accidents. Instead, they result from ordinary activities in the course of the day-to-day grind, and they aren’t limited to a particular sector or job role.

According to the National Safety Council, these are the three most common causes of work injuries:

1. Heavy lifting and repetitive movements

Broadly categorized as “overexertion,” these injuries are common because they involve such a wide range of jobs and movements. Anyone who types on a computer every day, for example, may be susceptible to repetitive stress injuries like tendonitis or carpal tunnel. The risk is even greater for factory workers who must repeat the same small movements day in and day out.

Lifting (and lowering) is a major cause of back and neck injuries. Inadequate training and equipment are often contributing factors.

2. Getting hit by something

Jobs that involve heights, powerful machinery, or large, heavy objects put workers at risk. Construction workers, warehouse and factory workers, and other industrial workers often face these risks on a daily basis. Protective gear and safety training are critical for preventing these injuries.

3. Slipping or falling

Fall protection is a must-have for those who work on elevated surfaces such as scaffolds and roofs. But slip-and-falls can take place in other settings, too: offices, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels – the list is endless. Gravity poses a universal danger, and employers have a responsibility to ensure safe working conditions, no matter the setting or industry.

Injured on the job?

For those unfortunate enough to have suffered injuries on the job, workers’ compensation may be available. Talk to a lawyer about getting the benefits you deserve.