Everyone has encountered that one driver who can’t seem to accept any minor inconvenience while on the road. Sometimes these individuals lash out aggressively and can seriously injure others.

What can drivers do when other motorists act this way and endanger everyone else’s safety? One Kenosha woman got a little too “creative” with how she chose to handle two drivers who were fighting at a stoplight.

One driver got out of his vehicle and began punching the other driver, who managed to push his legs out of the driver-side window and kicked to defend himself. Eventually both drivers were out of their cars and wrestling around, so the Kenosha woman joined in to break it up – with a snow brush. Another driver who was stuck behind the two cars took video of the incident, which quickly spread on social media.

What can drivers do about road rage?

For Wisconsinites who removed their snow brush from their car until next winter, what options do they have to combat road rage?

While no one called the police in this incident, most behaviors associated with aggressive driving are illegal in Wisconsin. Drivers and pedestrians can report other motorists who are exhibiting road rage to law enforcement.

Unfortunately, reporting a driver may not prevent an accident. If a driver does cause a crash due to their aggressive behavior, injured parties can seek compensation for their medical bills, vehicle damage and lost wages. No one should have to suffer the consequences of someone else’s rage.