Farming is a hard way to make a living, and it’s getting harder. As prices come down, farmers must do everything they can to ensure they get the maximum yield from their land, especially since they’re competing with large-scale corporate agribusiness. Staying competitive often means using large amounts of Roundup to keep the weeds down. But is Roundup actually safe? And if not, what options do farmers have?

A Known Problem

For many farmers, Roundup has been the default pesticide for decades. It is so common that Monsanto now produces more than 300 million pounds of it every year. However, just because a lot of people use it does not mean it is safe.

Many studies have found a direct link between the main ingredients in Roundup and higher non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other health problems. In fact, hundreds of farmers are already suing Monsanto over these problems, alleging that the company has known about the dangers of Roundup for years and covered up the evidence. Many of these claims have been successful, and legal observers expect more in the coming years.

What Health Conditions Does Roundup Cause?

Studies have linked the chemicals in Roundup to a wide variety of serious health problems. These include:

  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Damage to the liver
  • Lung problems
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis

These health problems can cause financial catastrophe for farmers, both because of the expensive treatments involved and because people are often unable to work after the conditions develop. While Monsanto has predictably denied that Roundup causes any problems, scientific studies and recent jury decisions demonstrate otherwise.

What Can Farmers Do?

Because so many people have used Roundup for so long, the health damage is already done for many farmers. However, they still have legal options. Monsanto is currently defending itself all over the world against thousands of product liability lawsuits related to Roundup. Depending on your circumstances, an individual lawsuit could be a good idea. Farmers also have the option of joining a class-action lawsuit, in which many people band together to sue over the same issue.

The appropriate steps to take will depend on how severely you have been impacted and which route has the highest likelihood of success. An experienced attorney will be your greatest ally in making this decision. When you’re squaring off against a well-financed corporation, every move you make counts. Be sure to make the right ones whether you are suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or any other condition caused by Roundup exposure.