Going to the dentist is something few people enjoy. The whole experience can be made worse if a dentist engages in practices that put patients in danger – especially when those patients are children.

A former pediatric dentist who practiced in Hudson is facing dozens of allegations of misconduct by former patients. Dr. Andy Mancini, former owner of La Petit dental clinic, is being investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS).

Although Mancini denied all allegations against him when he appeared before the Dentistry Examining Board, he voluntarily surrendered his dental license on April 10.

A total of 37 complaints were detailed in a 2016 memo by the DSPS. Some of the allegations include:

  • Unnecessary tooth extractions
  • Billing insurance companies for procedures not performed
  • Failure to inform parents about a child’s appointment
  • Threatening child patients with sharp objects
  • Forcefully holding down a child patient while unnecessary extraction was being performed
  • Using excessive amounts of nitrous oxide

In addition to these examples of professional misconduct, Mancini was difficult to work with. When patients asked Mancini questions, he was dismissive and defensive. La Petit was one of few dental offices that accepted state insurance, so many patients were limited in their options for choosing a dentist.

With Mancini no longer practicing and facing penalties, many of his former patients are left with lingering questions and tough decisions that must now be made.