There are many things that can impact a workers’ compensation claim. As we discussed in a recent post, technology is one of these. When you file for workers’ compensation, you have to think about how things might appear. If you claim that you can’t go to work because of a back injury, you probably shouldn’t go to the gym and lift heavy weights.

We understand that you might have some questions about workers’ compensation and what might occur. We can help you to understand these points. If your claim is denied, we can help you as you work through the appeal.

Workers’ compensation appeals are complex. You have to make sure that you meet all deadlines and that you fill out the forms properly. Any mistakes can lead to you losing the benefits that you need.

There are other aspects of a workers’ compensation case that might need to be addressed. One of these is if you are approved for benefits but the benefits aren’t correct. This is something that you would have to address quickly.

It is imperative that you thoroughly read all notices that come through about your claim. Information about appeals and other points are included in these.

We are here to help ensure that you are doing things as they must be done. We can help you handle issues with approvals, as well as benefit denials. From understanding your rights to actually getting the paperwork filed, we are here to help.