Workers in Wisconsin have regulations and laws that help to keep them safe when they work. Even if they are injured, they have the protection of the workers’ compensation program to help out. If you are injured at work, or even if you suffer a work-related illness, you might choose to file for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation claims are sometimes complex. Many of these depend on the type of injury that occurred. Obviously, more serious injuries are associated with longer periods on workers’ compensation.

We understand that you might be wary of having to go through the trouble associated with filing for workers’ compensation. We can help you to understand the laws as they pertain to your case. We can also help you if you end up having to battle for the compensation that you need. .

If you are injured at work and have to take time off of work because of your injuries or illness, workers’ compensation can be very valuable. Not only does the program cover the medical bills associated with your claim, it also covers a portion of your lost wages. While your lifestyle might be a little less comfortable while you receive these payments, you will likely find the income helpful.

Once you file for workers’ compensation, you will find out what benefits you are entitled to. Be sure to find out if those benefits are correct. In some cases, workers have to appeal the decisions and fight for the compensation that they should have been given in the first place. We can help you work your way through anything related to workers’ compensation after a workplace injury or illness.