The Wisconsin Department of Transportation put out a crash report in 2015 that provides statistics and analysis for 2013, the most recent year for which all of the data has been collected. Looking at this information can help paint a picture of the traffic accident conditions in the state. A few key pieces of information include the following:

— Motor vehicle accidents claimed a total of 527 lives in 2013, or a bit more than one per day, on average. A total of 491 fatal accidents were reported.

— 28,747 crashes with injuries were reported, and there were a total of 39,872 people who were hurt in those accidents. Though not all injuries were major, about eight percent of people suffered incapacitating injuries.

— About one third of the accidents, — 35 percent — involved alcohol in some fashion, and about 30 percent were linked to excessive speed. There was some overlap here, as 15 percent of the accidents were found to link to alcohol use and speeding.

— A total of 359 drivers were tested for blood alcohol concentration levels after they were killed in crashes, and 32 percent of them had BAC levels at or above the legal limit of .08.

— For standard passenger vehicle deaths, it was found that just over half of the people who passed away — 52 percent — did not have their seat belts on.

— The majority of motorcyclists who were killed in accidents– 73 percent — did not have helmets on when they crashed.

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Source: State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, “2013 Wisconsin Traffic Crash Facts,” accessed Feb. 26, 2016