You have the right to work in a safe workplace that is free of hazards and does not provide you with any stress or concerns about being injured on the job. This doesn’t mean injuries will never happen, but you should not have to work somewhere that is blatantly dangerous, where even simple hazards are not fixed.

On top of that, you should never be afraid of retaliation if you speak up about such hazards, as you have a right to request a safe workplace without being fired or demoted for it.

Other rights that you have in Wisconsin, that go along with the above, include the right to:

— Get training in a language that you speak.– Use machines that pass safety tests and that are properly maintained.– Get the proper safety gear for your job. Depending on the job, this could include harnesses, hardhats, gloves, goggles, and much more.– Have protection when working with toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances.– Report any illnesses or injuries that you suffer on the job.– If you want, you should also be able to look at the medical records and/or the workplace illness and injury log.– See the records of other injuries that have taken place in your work area.– Check out the test results when any tests are done—such as air purity tests.

It’s crucial for workers to know their rights so that they can exercise them properly and help avoid injuries. Additionally, when they are hurt, workers need to know what rights they have to financial compensation.

Source: Occupational Safety & Health Administration, “Know Your Rights,” accessed Feb. 10, 2016