Halloween can be a lot of fun for children, but it can also be dangerous. It means that many children are out on the sidewalks and streets, where they are at risk of being hurt or even killed in car accidents. This is part of the reason that 75 percent of parents say they have fears about their children’s safety on Halloween night.

There is good reason, too. There is a huge spike in accidents involving children who are pedestrians. When comparing the statistics from Halloween to any other average night, it is found that these accidents are twice as common.

Why does this happen? Well, despite their fears, parents often do not do much to help. Just 33 percent talk with their children about how to be safe, and only 18 percent choose costumes with highly-visible, reflective tape. Plus, 12 percent of kids who are just five years old or even younger are allowed to go off on their own.

This isn’t to put all of the emphasis on the children, though. Drivers need to be alert or they can cause avoidable accidents. Experts warn them to slow down on Halloween night. They also need to understand that many children are wearing dark colors and costumes.

On top of that, they need to remember that children who are excited may be unpredictable and act quickly, sometimes darting out into crosswalks or other areas, and drivers must be prepared to stop, maintaining safe speeds and distances.

If your child is injured while trick-or-treating this year in Wisconsin, be sure you know what legal options you have to get compensation.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide, “Frightening Facts Revealed in Halloween Safety Study,” accessed Oct. 29, 2015