At the Nicolet Law Office, we work with many different kinds of clients in many different kinds of debt situations. In some cases, bankruptcy is not possible. In other situations, bankruptcy is not the best solution for their problems. Regardless of the debt situation you are currently in, it is important to know about the different non-bankruptcy solutions that are available. One of the most common ones is debt settlement.

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your credit card payments and/or loan payments, you are probably dealing with a great deal of stress. It is never an easy decision to make when you are faced with the need to buy food versus the need to pay your monthly debt obligations. If you are currently battling with this kind of situation, debt settlement might be a suitable way for you to get out of a difficult situation.

Debt settlement is advantageous because many people are able to settle their outstanding debts for much less than they actually owe. By settling debts like this, Wisconsin residents may be able to avoid the cost, hassle, embarrassment and credit difficulties that come with bankruptcy proceedings. Furthermore, by avoiding bankruptcy, individuals may be able to prevent the garnishment of wages and avoid lawsuits from creditors and financial organizations.

At the Nicolet Law Firm, the goal we have for all of our bankruptcy and debt settlement clients is to limit and/or reduce their debts while protecting their legal rights. If you are drowning in debt, our firm may be able to help.