If you are struggling with credit card debt and financial strain in western Wisconsin, you are not alone — more people than you might think have sought relief from their money woes through bankruptcy. Although you might feel as though your financial distress will go on forever, you can take control of your situation and set yourself up for future success by enlisting the help of a legal professional. You do not have to suffer through financial difficulties any longer; you may be able to benefit from personal bankruptcy assistance even if your financial stress seems overwhelming and dire.

Most bankruptcy cases are related to two types of payments: credit cards and medical bills. Too many Wisconsin residents suffer financial stress because of a sudden injury or illness that effectively breaks the bank. Combine that with the strain that comes along with a burdensome credit card debt profile, and many consumers may feel as though they are sinking! You may have been the victim of predatory lending practices, including low introductory rates that quickly skyrocket out of control, for example, leaving you with few financial options.

Several types of bankruptcy proceedings are available for those suffering from financial stress in western Wisconsin. These include Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 13 repayment bankruptcy and Chapter 128 bankruptcy. Our team of attorneys can help you with both personal and small-business bankruptcy, preventing negative outcomes such as home foreclosure or property seizure. With the right bankruptcy strategy, you can avoid the unpleasant consequences while reaping the benefits that the legal system offers.

Seeking help for your financial stress is not a shameful choice. It is much better to acknowledge your situation and take steps toward a fresh start and debt relief, instead of allowing your financial issues to consume you. Bankruptcy may provide you with the “do-over” you deserve to get back on your feet and back on track to success!