Until June 1, Polk County, Wisconsin, had not had a fatal car accident in 2015. That all changed in a heartbeat when a minivan and a car collided, and one of the passengers in the car was killed. She was just 22 years old, and the authorities did bring her to Regions Hospital in St. Paul before she died, but the doctors were not able to save her.

The pictures from the scene make it surprising that anyone lived through such a violent collision. The front end of the van is completely gone, crushed back into the rest of the vehicle, and the sedan is barely recognizable. That is due in part to the roof having been cut off, but the damage to the front end is also extensive.

Another passenger from the car was thrown out of it and miraculously lived, though the 28-year-old woman did have to be brought to Regions Hospital, where she was treated. Both drivers needed medical treatment as well.

It appears that the accident happened because the two cars were driving toward each other and the van drifted out of its lane, went over the road’s center line and entered the opposing lane. The driver of the car saw this happen and tried to avoid a crash by also going into the opposing lane. However, at the last second, the driver of the van corrected and reentered his original lane. The driver of the car did not have time to correct again, and the vehicles slammed into one another.

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Source: Twin Cities, “St. Paul woman dies in western Wisconsin head-on crash,” Andy Rathbun, June 01, 2015