An investigation is on-going as the authorities look into what caused an accident between a police car and another vehicle, driven by a civilian, at an intersection in Green Bay. The crash happened at the intersection where Bond St. and Military Ave. come together, and photos from the scene show the police car sitting in the grass on the side of the road, the lights still flashing even though the front of the car is smashed in.

Both the officer driving that car and the other driver were injured. However, although they received medical treatment immediately after the crash and have not stopped getting it yet, the doctors do think they’ll recover.

The focus of the investigation is on figuring out who caused the accident and those injuries. Reports claim that the officer did run through the intersection’s red light, but that the siren was on and the lights were on, as the officer had received a valid emergency call and was responding. The authorities are attempting to determine how fast the police car was going and how fast the other car entered the intersection through the green light.

The police are going to look at the black box recording from the squad car, according to an officer with the force, and they will also be interviewing those who saw the crash take place. At this time, they think the whole thing will take about 14 days.

After fault has been determined in a car accident, it’s important for those who have been hurt to know what rights they may have to compensation for their medical bills.

Source: Fox 11 News, “New details on Green Bay police car crash” Andrew LaCombe, Mar. 24, 2015