In previous posts we have mentioned how winter weather could make it more likely that a motor vehicle accident could occur. Cold temperatures can make roadways slippery and heavy or blowing snow can make it difficult for drivers to see the road and other vehicles around them. Earlier this week winter weather appears to have played a role in a multi vehicle accident that occurred on a highway in another state.

The chain-reaction crash, which occurred one afternoon during what is described as a snow squall, involved nine trucks and nice cars. It left many people injured–around 20 were transported to area hospitals–and resulted in the death of two.

The injuries suffered by those who survived varied ranging from broken bones to bumps. One of the people who died was struck by a vehicle after exiting another one. The other individual suffered serious internal injuries and collapsed and died.

When winter weather occurs it is incumbent upon all who are in their vehicles on the road to drive in a safe manner. This may require driving at a slower pace and increasing the space between vehicles. If even one driver fails to do this a collision could ensue. It is currently unclear what caused the chain-reaction accident in this case to occur.

Though this incident occurred in another state, it is easy to see how such a crash could occur in Western Wisconsin during the winter. Following a crash such as this one where injuries and death are the outcome, there is the possibility that someone seriously injured in the incident will file a personal injury lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible. Similarly, family of those who died could file a wrongful death lawsuit. In either situation, a successful case will result in compensation for the injuries or death.

Source: Star Tribune, “2 dead, dozens injured in 18-vehicle pileup during whiteout on Pennsylvania highway,” The Associated Press, Jan. 8, 2015