Recognizing that drunk driving is an issue in the state of Wisconsin, legislators are taking action to reduce the number of individuals who engage in the activity. Two lawmakers recently proposed a law regarding the matter. One of them indicated that the law is the result of an investigative story conducted by a news agency in the state.

The proposed law calls for the permanent revocation of a driver’s license when a person has been arrested five times for OWI. The idea is that if made law, the number of arrests for OWI in the state would be reduced.

It is expected that the proposed law would contain a provision under which someone who successfully completed a treatment program and avoids legal issues for a period of time, possibly 10 years, would eventually get his or her driver’s license back.

There is some information out there that leads lawmakers to believe that if passed, the law could make a positive impact. A similar law in the state of New York has led to reductions in the number of drunk driving arrests. In that state the number of OWIs is lower–three–and there is a time frame of 25 years prescribed.

Though it is impossible to know for sure, if passed the law could also reduce the number of people injured or killed in crashes caused by drunk drivers. Since all would likely agree that even one injury or death as a result of a drunk driver is too many, the law would probably be welcomed by many in the state. We will provide relevant updates on the matter as they become available.

Source: Post Crescent, “Five OWI strikes and you’re out?” Shereen Siewert, Jan. 23, 2015