There is no question that drunk driving is an issue on roads throughout the nation, including the state of Wisconsin. Motor vehicle accidents caused by intoxicated drivers can leave others involved in the crashes seriously hurt. In the worst cases innocent victims will even be killed. Since these types of accidents are so preventable, it is particularly upsetting that they occur.

There is actually good news where drunk driving in the state of Wisconsin is concerned.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the number of injuries and deaths due to the activity has dropped since 2003. More specifically, the number of injuries due to drunk driving fell 59 percent in 2013, as compared to 2003. Similarly, the number of deaths that resulted from drunk driving was down 47 percent in the same time period.

There are likely many reasons for the drops. One law enforcement officer attributes drunk driving education and an increased enforcement for the change. Saferide, the state’s free transportation program for those who are intoxicated is also believed to have played a role.

While the reduction is certainly good news, drunk driving crashes are still occurring in the state. When someone is injured as a result of a collision caused by an intoxicated driver that person could face a long road to recovery. That road is likely accompanied by a lot of expense. If someone is too hurt to work, determining how those expenses will be paid can be scary. To try to recover compensation to pay those expenses a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit might make sense.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Drunk-Driving Deaths Down 47% Since 2003 in Wisconsin,” Dec. 15, 2014