As is the case with virtually any type of motor vehicle accident, there are multiple reasons why such an incident could occur. While in many situations driver error could be to blame, it is also possible that equipment issues could be at fault. This is true whether the incident involves a car or a truck. A fatal truck accident that recently occurred in Western Wisconsin illustrates this possibility.

The crash occurred at an intersection when a freight truck ran a stop sign. When it did so, it struck a pickup truck that was apparently in the intersection. The force of the collision left both vehicles in a ditch and resulted in the death of an occupant of the pickup the freight truck collided with. In addition, another pickup occupant and the driver of the freight truck were hurt.

According to the driver of the freight truck involved in the incident a mechanical issue with the freight truck’s brakes were to blame for the incident. Following the crash the driver said that as he approached the intersection he tried to stop the truck but the vehicle’s brakes did not work.

Whether this was in fact the cause of the crash will likely be determined in the course of an investigation into the matter. It is possible that the brakes were defective. It is also possible that the brakes were not properly maintained by the trucking company. In either of those situations it is possible that the responsible parties could be sued for the negligence that allowed the issue with the brakes to exist.

Source: The Star Tribune, “Twin Cities trucker points to brake trouble before hitting pickup, killing passenger,” Paul Walsh, Dec. 3, 2014