When a car accident occurs, the expense tied to property damage can be exorbitant. While that alone can be a pain to deal with, in some situations there are other issues that arise as well. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a crash individuals involved could suffer personal injuries as well. When the injuries are serious in nature they can lead to a long period of recovery, disability or even death.  While there are of course many different types of injuries that could result from a car accident those to the chest, neck, back and head are some of the most catastrophic.

Someone who suffers blunt force trauma to their chest in a crash could suffer from collapsed lungs or broken ribs. In other situations internal bleeding could occur. Those who have an issue with their heart might end up in cardiac arrest as a result of a crash.

Damage to ligaments and muscles in the neck can also result from a car crash. This is referred to as whiplash. There are other neck injuries that could result from a motor vehicle accident such as the temporary paralysis of vocal cords.

When someone suffers a spinal injury in a collision the results can be permanent. Individuals who face this type of injury could find that there is a loss of sensation in their extremities. In the worst cases the damage is permanent. Other times, such as with herniated disks, the symptoms can be less severe but nonetheless still hard to deal with.

Head injuries might occur when the head of an occupant of a vehicle hits another object within the car. Sometimes these injuries are less serious and lead to only temporary symptoms. Other times however a traumatic brain injury is the outcome and the person living with the injury could have to deal with vision problems, hearing loss and cognitive issues.

When the injuries someone suffers in a car accident are severe, they can change a person’s life forever. In addition they can lead to great expense. When another person or entity is responsible for those injuries occurring, a personal injury lawsuit could result in financial compensation to help cover those expenses.

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