In an earlier post we wrote about things that can be done to a vehicle to try to prepare it for winter weather. While making sure a car is working properly could help to prevent a car accident from occurring, the way in which a driver handles a car could have an impact as well.

Of course, the best way to avoid an accident due to winter weather is to avoid going out in it at all. Since this cannot always be avoided however, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has created a flyer to help keep drivers in the state safe when they set out.

Among other things the flyer suggests that it is important to drive at a slower speed than they might otherwise should the weather be better. Along the same lines, while it is always important to focus on the road and eliminate distractions, this is particularly true when road conditions are not good. For visibility purposes, clearing all snow and ice from the vehicle’s windows, mirrors and lights is necessary before heading out.

When out on the roads drivers should be aware of their surroundings and the other vehicles that are sharing the road with them. While it is important to maintain a distance from all vehicles, it is especially important to do when the vehicle you are driving next to is a snowplow. For safety purposes drivers should stay 200 feet behind them.

There are many wonderful things about the winter season. If all drivers follow these tips the number of car accidents that occur may be reduced and Wisconsin residents can focus on the positives associated with winter.