As senseless as they are, accidents due to drunk driving are all too common an occurrence in the state of Wisconsin. While on some occasions these accidents are single vehicle incidents where only the intoxicated driver is hurt, other times, pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles may be seriously injured or even killed. This situation can leave those impacted unsure of where to turn.

As the summer season winds down over the upcoming Labor Day weekend, drunk driving accidents could rise. This is because generally, drunk driving increases during long holiday weekends. In an effort to reduce the number of these incident that take place, law enforcement throughout the state of Wisconsin will likely take to the roads to increase enforcement.

In fact, a nationwide drunk driving crackdown has been in effect since August 13. Called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” the initiative runs through September 1. The initiative consists of more than just an increase in the number of law enforcement officers on the nation’s roads. Agencies also look to Local resources and social media to spread their messages.

While the time and energy put into programs such as this one undoubtedly has some impact, drunk driving accidents will still likely occur. Individuals who are injured in a drunk driving accident over the upcoming holiday weekend, or for that matter, any time during the year, may be able to secure financial compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical expenses and lost wages. For the best possible chance in securing a successful outcome it is important to take action quickly. This will help to preserve the evidence necessary to prove a case.

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