Granted, there are many rules of the road. There may even be too many for many Wisconsin residents to remember. After driving at posted speeds and following all traffic signs, one that every driver should remember is to never be responsible for a hit-and-run accident by leaving the scene after a collision.

Where this may seem unconscionable to many Wisconsin drivers, a number of people intentionally ignore this law because they have something more to hide. Sometimes, a driver unintentionally keeps driving because of impairment. Regardless of why a driver leaves the scene, it is an unfortunate truth that the victim or victims in such cases are left to fend for themselves — and sometimes die — before help arrives.

Recently, a hit-and-run took place in Shawano County on Highway 45. Sometime shortly before 8 p.m., a 48-year-old woman was traveling northbound when a pickup truck reportedly towing a boat crossed over the center median and slammed into her head-on. The victim was transported to an area hospital to be treated for her injuries, and her current condition is unknown at this time. The suspect fled the scene on foot and is reported to be still at large.

While the Wisconsin State Police assist the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department in this hit-and-run accident investigation, the victim is recovering from her injuries and her ordeal. It might take authorities some time before they apprehend the party deemed responsible for the crash. When that happens, however, the woman may file a personal injury claim against the driver of the pickup truck for damages that may include any out-of-pocket medical expenses, both current and future, and possibly any loss of wages while recovering. However, it will first be necessary to prove the negligence of that driver to the court’s satisfaction.

Source:, “Hit-and-run accident in Shawano County”, Jeanetta Dorsey, June 14, 2014