Enough obstacles exist for drivers on a sunny and dry day, but when it rains, the roadways can easily become treacherous. Slick pavement, the possibility of hydroplaning and how heavily the rain is falling can –individually or collectively — increase the possibility of losing control of a vehicle. The Wisconsin State Patrol suspects that inclement weather played a role in a recent head-on collision.

Two teenage boys, ages 16 and 17, were heading west on County Trunk H when the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle. The car veered into oncoming traffic, directly into the path of a deputy’s patrol car. The deputy was unable to avoid the out-of-control vehicle, and the two cars collided.

The teens suffered fatal injuries. The Washington County Sheriff’s deputy survived the crash but was taken to an area hospital to be treated for unspecified injuries. The hospital subsequently released him. The Wisconsin high school that the boys attended made counselors available for students and other members of the community who knew the two teens.

As the investigation continues and the community says goodbye to two young men who had barely begun their lives, the family of the deceased passenger may file a wrongful death claim against the driver and owner of the car. The expenses and other damages associated with a fatal accident, such as occurred in this head-on collision, can create a financial burden on the family of the victim. Successfully proving negligence on the part of the driver could result in an award of damages that may alleviate the family’s financial stresses.

Source: fdlreporter.com, “2 Kewaskum High students killed in crash with Washington County Sheriff’s Department car”, Laurie Ritger, June 18, 2014