When emergency responders arrived at the scene of a crash in July of last year, they discovered two 21-year-old women had succumbed to fatal injuries. Another person, a 21-year-old man suffered serious injuries for which he was taken by helicopter to an area hospital. The Wisconsin man responsible for this deadly DUI accident was recently sentenced.

The single vehicle crash occurred when the driver lost control of the truck occupied by him and the three passengers. The truck then flipped and came to a rest on its side after hitting some trees. Officials determined that the truck was traveling between 90 mph and 97 mph at the time of the accident.

That was not the only factor that contributed to this deadly crash. The driver’s initial blood alcohol content was .148 percent. When it was taken a second time later, it was still over Wisconsin’s legal limit of .08 percent. To his credit, the driver remained at the scene, called 911 and admitted that he had consumed alcohol that night. This and other evidence led to the driver being convicted in February of crimes in connection with the accident.

At his sentencing, he received a total of 12 years, seven of which he is to serve in a Wisconsin prison. The other five years will be under extended supervision. The families of the deceased women and the injured passenger may still file civil claims in an attempt to recover damages allowable under state laws that they incurred as a result of this DUI accident. Nothing will undo what happened, but any restitution could ease the financial burdens that invariably accompany such tragedies.

Source: wisconsinrapidstribune.com, “Rudolph man sentenced to prison for crash that killed 2 Wisconsin Rapids women”, B.C. Kowalski, May 20, 2014