Some accidents require the expertise of an accident reconstruction specialist in order to determine exactly what happened. For instance, a car accident that occurred in June 2012 left authorities wondering which of the vehicle’s four occupants was driving at the time. A Wisconsin State Patrol reconstruction specialist stepped in to answer as many questions regarding the accident as possible.

The damage to the vehicle and the airbag control module answered many questions. The reconstruction specialist was able to determine that approximately five seconds prior to impact, the vehicle was traveling at 96 mph. The way the vehicle rolled revealed that the driver was one of the two occupants of the vehicle ejected during the crash. He made that determination based on her position relative to where the vehicle finally came to a stop.

The Wisconsin State Patrol officer recently testified at the criminal trial of the woman he says was driving the vehicle. She faces charges in connection with the two passengers who died in the crash, and the third passenger who suffered unspecified but serious injuries just as the driver did. The trial is not yet concluded.

If prosecutors secure a conviction connected to the car accident, the families of the two deceased victims and the surviving passenger may be able to use that conviction as evidence of negligence in a civil action. A successfully litigated wrongful death or personal injury claim could yield an award of damages commiserate with those normally obtained in these cases. Any monetary restitution could help defray the unavoidable costs that result from this type of tragedy.

Source:, “Crash reconstruction specialist says Baumann was the driver”, , May 7, 2014