There are a variety of reasons that someone who resides in Western Wisconsin might cross the border into Minnesota. When they do, the first city that they encounter is the state’s capital, St. Paul. While often considered the quieter half of the Twin Cities, nonetheless, St. Paul has restaurants and bars that are popular with people who live throughout the metro area. Recently, patrons of one of those establishments, the Bulldog Bar, were undoubtedly shocked when a vehicle crashed into the building, shortly after midnight.

Behind the wheel of the minivan that ran into the establishment located in the Lowertown area, was a 31-year-old man. St. Paul police indicate that the incident occurred when he lost control of his vehicle while trying to flee the police. Authorities were trying to make a traffic stop based on the suspicion of impaired driving.

In addition to the minivan driver, five of the bar’s patrons were injured in the crash. Though their specific injuries are not known, everyone who was hurt was taken to an area hospital. Fortunately none of them were hurt badly enough to need to be admitted and all were released. At that time the driver was arrested and his blood was taken to determine if he was intoxicated.

While thankfully it appears that no one was seriously hurt in the crash, sometimes it can take a while before symptoms reveal themselves. In situations where someone suffers a severe injury as a result of negligent actions taken by another person, it is possible that a personal injury claim could be filed to try to recover compensation for the pain and suffering endured. It is unclear if any of the injuries suffered by the bar patrons rise to that level.

Source: Star Tribune, “Several injured after van rams into popular Lowertown bar; driver jailed,” Tim Harlow and Paul Walsh, May 2, 2014