The sudden loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is always difficult to handle. An already devastating situation is made that much worse when those involved in the incident leave the scene. Family members of two young people who recently died following a hit-and-run accident are facing this now. The two men were riding motorcycles when they were struck by a vehicle believed to be of the sport utility variety. Though this incident occurred in another part of the state, fatal hit-and-run crashes occur all too regularly in the Hudson area as well. 

The investigation conducted following the crash indicated that the two deceased men were riding with three other motorcyclists. As they did so, a vehicle, believed to be a SUV, crossed the centerline. When another vehicle swerved to avoid that SUV, the motorcyclists were in the path of the SUV which then hit the two motorcycles. The force of impact killed one of the men immediately. The other died a short time later at an area hospital.

The vehicle that hit the two men is still being sought.

If the driver of that vehicle is found, he or she will probably face criminal charges. It is possible that person could face wrongful death lawsuits as well. The families of the men who were killed in the incident could pursue this avenue as a way to seek compensation for the loss of lives. This process is undeniably difficult as in the course of this process a dollar amount is placed on the loss of life. Because of this it is important that those who decide on this course of action to work with a lawyer who understands the process and can provide the support needed.

Source: NBC 15, “UPDATE: Authorities seek different SUV in fatal crash,” Kate Pabich, April 22, 2014