An anonymous tip led to the arrest of an out-of-state man in connection to the deaths of two motorcycle riders. The man is suspected of being the driver in a hit-and-run auto accident in Wisconsin that occurred days before. Authorities originally believed the vehicle involved to be a Nissan, but evidence at the scene led them to an Infiniti, which is the same type of vehicle reported by the tipster.

According to Wisconsin authorities, five motorcycle riders were traveling west on Highway 14 behind another vehicle. That vehicle was forced to take evasive action in order to avoid a collision with an eastbound vehicle that veered into the lane. Three of the motorcycle riders were able to avoid colliding with the eastbound vehicle, but the other two were not so lucky.

One of the two motorcycle riders died at the scene. The other rider was taken to an area hospital where he ultimately succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the crash. The vehicle that apparently caused the collision did not remain at the scene, which precipitated the search. The man currently in custody could face numerous criminal charges.

Additionally, he could face civil actions filed by the families of the two motorcycle riders that died in the motorcycle vs. auto accident. If the families are successful in proving the driver was negligent and that his negligence caused the deaths of their family members, the court may consider an award of damages. Any monetary restitution could help the families with the unexpected financial costs this type of tragedy produces.

Source:, “UPDATE: Man arrested in Janesville motorcyclists deaths”, Kate Pabich, April 25, 2014