Most everyone in Wisconsin knows that drinking alcohol diminishes a person’s ability to make rational decisions. People that would agree that drinking and driving is dangerous may still make the wrong choice after drinking and still get behind the wheel of a car. When that happens, the probability of being involved in an alcohol-related accident increases dramatically, as does the possibility of someone being seriously injured or killed.

For example, a man recently accused of driving under the influence of alcohol was traveling south on Interstate 39 recently. Somehow, he and another vehicle collided. The car that his vehicle made contact with ended up in the median, where it flipped over and finally came to a stop in the lanes on the north side of the Interstate.

The driver of that vehicle suffered severe enough injuries that emergency personnel arranged for her to be airlifted by helicopter to a hospital. Reports only indicate that her injuries were life-threatening, and her current condition was not reported. The driver believed to be the cause of the accident managed to walk away with only minor injuries. Authorities charged him with operating a vehicle while intoxicated where great bodily harm resulted.

The victim of this alleged alcohol-related accident could face a lengthy recovery. The longer that recovery takes, the more her life is disrupted and the more expensive her ordeal may become. In addition to out-of-pocket medical expenses, she may be facing lost wages and other damages. Filing a personal injury claim could result in financial restitution that may help cover her monetary losses. To prevail in such a claim, she must prove to a civil court’s satisfaction that her injuries were caused by the negligence of the other driver; if she does so, the court may award her damages allowed by Wisconsin laws.

Source:, “Drunken driving blamed for two-car crash“, , March 31, 2014