The family of a Wisconsin woman is mourning her loss as they try to comfort and care for the 4-month-old daughter she left behind. The woman died what authorities say was a weather-related car accident. Her little girl was in the car as well, but the family says she is doing fine physically.

The 20-year-old woman was driving east on Wisconsin Highway C, which was covered in snow at the time. Authorities say she lost control of her vehicle and slid into the opposite lane of traffic. When that happened, an oncoming vehicle was unable to avoid colliding with the woman’s car.

Fortunately, the baby was properly restrained in a car seat and survived the accident. The 48-year-old woman driving the other vehicle survived, but suffered serious injuries to her hips and legs. Her injuries, though serious, are not considered life-threatening. Authorities do not believe at this time that the deceased driver was speeding when she lost control of her vehicle. It is unknown if any other factor such as distracted driving was the cause, or if she was simply unable to maintain control of the vehicle on the snow-covered road.

It is unfortunate that a family lost a loved one, but that does not erase her possible culpability in the car accident. The injured woman could be facing significant recovery time due to the nature of her injuries. During that time, she will most likely continue to incur medical costs and lose earnings. She retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the estate of the other driver seeking financial restitution for the damages she incurred and may continue to incur.

Source:, Woman dies in morning crash in Village of Bristol; baby survives, Max Seigle, March 4, 2014