Each school day parents throughout the state of Wisconsin entrust the safety of their children to the individuals behind the wheel of the busses that transport them to school. Most days the trip to school is uneventful. Other times however, it is possible that a bus could be involved in a motor vehicle accident with another car on the road. This occurred earlier this month on a Wisconsin road.

The crash occurred when something happened to cause a car to hit the back of a bus. When this happened, the automobile became wedged underneath a part of the bus. It is unclear what caused the crash to occur.

At least one person involved in the crash was injured. The person who was behind the wheel of the car was taken to a hospital via helicopter once extracted from the wreckage. The nature of that person’s injuries is not known.

It is unclear whether any children were on the bus at the time of the accident.

Crashes involving school buses have the potential to end badly. With so many children in such a small space, when these incidents do occur it is possible that the kids could suffer serious injuries.

The specifics surrounding the crash will likely be uncovered in the course of the investigation that is being conducted by law enforcement. Those findings could inform whether anyone files a personal injury lawsuit regarding the matter. When successful, personal injury lawsuits provide compensation to individuals hurt due to negligent actions on the part of another person.

Source: NBC Chicago, “School Bus, Car Collide Near Wisconsin Border,” March 6, 2014