What started out as a routine weekday morning for a Wisconsin family quickly turned into chaos. As an elementary school boy’s mother was walking him to the school bus stop, he was run down by a car. Police in the area are still attempting to determine what happened in this fatal accident.

According to the boy’s mother, the car that hit him came at him fast. The 58-year-old driver of the vehicle did not leave the scene. She is reportedly cooperating with authorities as they continue their investigation into this horrific tragedy.

The 6-year-old did not survive the injuries he sustained in the accident. Authorities confirmed that the Wisconsin boy died there at the scene. As of yet, police do not have any further details regarding the cause of the accident.

Wisconsin parents would agree that no parent should outlive their children. Only someone who unfortunately has been through it can understand that kind of loss. It must have been heartbreaking for this mother to have to watch as her child slipped away from her. The child’s siblings will now have to grow up without him as well.

As everyone involved struggles to deal with this fatal accident, his mother retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the driver who hit her son. If she successfully proves to the court that the woman was negligent in some manner, damages allowed under our state laws may be awarded to her. The outcome of such a civil action will never give her what she truly wants — her son back — but it may help defray the costs associated with his death and give her at least some measure of peace regarding his passing.

Source: wisn.com, Child struck, killed by vehicle in Milwaukee, Ben Hutchison and Kent Wainscott, Feb. 20, 2014