In an update to a story we first reported on back on June 13, 2012 (“Motorcyclist killed, 9 others injured in Wisconsin crash”), a Wisconsin man was recently sentenced in connection with the death of two motorcyclists and the injury of eight others back in 2012. At his sentencing hearing, the man apologized and expressed his remorse regarding the car accident that took place. The driver received an eight year prison sentence, to be followed by extended supervision for 15 years and another seven years of probation after that.

Prosecutors claimed that the man was doing drugs before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle. While driving, he veered into oncoming traffic and slammed into several members of the Muskegon Motorcycle Gang. The injuries suffered in the crash are what killed the two motorcycle riders.

In a negotiated plea agreement, the driver entered an Alford plea on separate charges for reckless injury. An Alford plea recognizes the fact that prosecutors have enough evidence to secure a conviction, but the defendant technically does not admit guilt. Further, he pleaded no contest to negligent operation of a vehicle involving death.

Reports did not indicate how the family of the deceased victims reacted to the sentence. They retain the right to file Wisconsin civil actions in connection with this car accident and may award damages to the families if they are able to prove the driver’s negligence. A court award of damages will not change the events of that day, but it could provide financial restitution to the families of the deceased victims and the injured to cover the costs and damages each sustained as a result of the crash.

Source: CBS Detroit, Man Gets 8 Years In Fatal Motorcycle Group Crash, No author, Feb. 8, 2014