Under ordinary circumstances, any number of obstacles can hinder a person’s ability to safety navigate Wisconsin roads. In the wintertime, inclement weather such as snow and ice present a new set of dangers for drivers. Under these conditions, drivers not only need to be more cautious, but also need to make the determination of whether they should even attempt to be out on the roads. The risk of a car accident can significantly increase during times of bad weather.

Preliminary reports suggest that a driver may have failed to exercise an appropriate amount of caution in a recent crash that left one person dead and injured others. The 27-year-old driver of one of the two vehicles involved presumably lost control of his vehicle on what was described as a snow-covered road. His vehicle slid into the oncoming lane of traffic where another vehicle was unable to avoid colliding with it.

The driver of the vehicle that lost control did not survive the crash. The occupants of the other vehicle suffered unknown injuries. Reports did not indicate how many people were in the other vehicle or their current conditions.

The parties injured in this car accident could have long recoveries ahead of them. In the meantime, medical bills and lost wages may be adding up. Each injured person could be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the estate of the deceased driver under Wisconsin law. A successfully litigated claim could help ease the pain and suffering of the victims and could offset many of the expenses that they are now incurring.

Source: wbay.com,UPDATE-5: Name Released in Winnebago County Fatal Crash, No author, Jan. 31, 2014