Numerous news stories about accidents involving fatalities throughout the country and here in Wisconsin involve drivers and passengers that were not properly restrained during a crash. These stories serve as a good reminder for anyone riding in a vehicle to buckle up. Unfortunately, a seat belt is no guarantee of survival — as was recently illustrated by the death of a 78-year-old woman who was wearing her seat belt, but died from a head injury and other body trauma received in a crash.

As the Wisconsin woman was making her way eastward, a pickup truck was traveling toward her location heading southbound. As the two vehicles approached the same intersection, the driver of the pickup truck failed to stop at the stop sign. At the time, the woman’s vehicle was already in the intersection, and the pickup truck slammed into it.

The driver of the pickup truck reportedly suffered no injuries in the crash. Sadly, the woman was pronounced dead by hospital personnel shortly after being transported there by emergency personnel. The Wisconsin State Patrol and the County Coroner’s office continue to investigate this tragedy. The driver of the truck may potentially end up facing charges in connection with the woman’s death at the conclusion of that investigation.

The family of the victim may also be waiting to obtain more information regarding their loved one’s death. The impact of the truck was hard enough not only to cause a head injury to the woman, but severe blunt force trauma to the rest of her body as well. How fast the pickup was moving at the time the vehicles collided could be of importance in any wrongful death claim filed by the woman’s family as evidence of negligence. If the family successfully litigates their claim, the judge or jury may award the family any damages they seek such as pain and suffering and funeral and burial costs.

Source:, Cato woman identified in fatal crash, No author, Jan. 24, 2014