Two accidents within an hour of each other in one Wisconsin county had very different outcomes. In one head-on collision, the occupants of both vehicles survived, but in the other both drivers, who were the only occupants of the vehicles, died. For this reason, local law enforcement officials requested the assistance of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

When the first 911 call came in regarding the fatal accident, it was believed the drivers were merely seriously injured. However, another caller advised authorities that the women at first believed to have survived the crash may be deceased. The first emergency personnel to arrive assessed the two women and confirmed both had died in the crash. Once the status of the drivers was determined, the on scene investigation began. The only details discernible at the scene were that the two women were the only occupants of the vehicles and one of the cars veered into oncoming traffic causing the collision.

Reportedly, an accident reconstruction team with the Wisconsin State Patrol is tasked with reconstructing the accident in an effort to determine what happened. It could be some time before the final report is available. In the meantime, two families will spend the holidays grieving for the loss of their loved ones.

Both families may benefit from knowing their rights and responsibilities regarding this head-on collision. Depending on the outcome of the official investigation, one family may seek financial relief for the damages that inevitably accompany this type of tragedy. The estate of the family of the driver deemed responsible may end up paying damages such as funeral and burial costs and pain and suffering to the other family.

Source:, UPDATE: Names released in Rock Falls fatal crash, Amie Winters, Dec. 13, 2013