Holiday celebrations often involve the consumption of alcohol. Statistics aren’t necessary to know this, experience is generally enough of an indicator. Consuming some holiday spirits certainly isn’t unreasonable, but it is when an individual decides to get behind the wheel that it becomes incredibly dangerous.

This last little bit of information is basically common knowledge at this point, but why do so many drivers still choose to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated? The real truth behind that question might never be answered, but some people are focusing on the other side of the equation. These people are looking for a solution to help save lives. One of these solutions is a free towing program.

Several towing programs are offered depending on the jurisdiction and the rules are a little different under each, but one thing is the same. These towing programs are designed to keep dangerous drunk drivers off the roads by offering intoxicated individuals and their cars a free ride home.

One of these towing programs is “Tow to Go,” a program started by The Auto Club Group and Bud Light in 1998, and it plans to expand its reach into Wisconsin. This group is one of the largest, claiming to have provided 23,000 rides to individuals that could have ended up driving home.

This specific program isn’t currently available to Wisconsin residents. But even if some local programs are available, drivers still may not make the right decisions. We may do everything we can to stay safe, including finding a sober ride home, but we may still encounter one of these negligent individuals. Should injury occur, victims can seek compensation in a civil lawsuit.

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