Last week, a semi-truck jackknifed on eastbound Interstate 94 near Hudson, tipping over on the Minnesota side of the bridge crossing the St. Croix River. Luckily, the accident didn’t occur on the bridge, but two vehicles hit the semi-truck after it overturned.

According to a report, some people were injured in the crash, and transported to hospitals in the area, but their conditions weren’t known following the crash. The news report on the crash said that a car had spun out in front of the semi-truck causing the crash. It’s unclear if that car was hit in the crash.

Winter is now officially here in the Midwest, and it is important that drivers are prepared to stop at a moment’s notice. Sometimes people aren’t prepared for slippery winter driving. It is especially important that commercial drivers leave more room between them and the vehicles in front of them so they can stop safely if traffic in front of them slows.

This accident not only caused injuries, but it also required the highway to be closed while crews worked to clean up the crash. The truck was reportedly carrying 40,000 pounds of crab legs, cod and salmon, which had to be unloaded before the semi could be towed.

When an accident results in backed up traffic, other accidents can occur. If someone in the Hudson area is injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, they should understand their rights. Commercial drivers should be held to a professional standard and held accountable if they cause an accident that results in injuries.

Source: Star Tribune, “I-94 crashes near Hudson Bridge delays overnight traffic for hours,” Kevin Giles, Dec. 17, 2013