Officers from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin State Patrol are still looking into a deadly crash that took place in Gordon just days ago when a truck collided head-on with an SUV carrying five people. The fatal accident is just one of many that have occurred across the state and highlights the dangers that are ever present on the roadways.

According to police reports, the fatal motor vehicle accident happened at around 7 o’clock in the morning when an eastbound truck collided with the SUV. The force of the impact caused the SUV to exit the road and roll over, killing a 31-year-old man and injuring his three passengers. The driver of the truck was also injured in the crash, suffering non-life threatening injuries.

While it’s likely that one of the drivers was negligent behind the wheel, police still are not sure who was at fault. Reports seem to indicate that the eastbound truck struck the northbound SUV, leading to the question of whether one of the drivers failed to yield right of way prior to the collision. Could distracted driving have been a factor? Was one of the drivers impaired in some way? Could mechanical failure have been a factor?

Not only will police find the answers to these questions helpful but so too will the victims and their family members. That’s because the answers to these questions will point to negligence of a driver, which could then lead to civil litigation down the road. Whether this will be the case for these accident victims remains unknown at this time, though some of our Wisconsin readers know that future litigation is a very real possibility in this case.

Source: Northland News Center, “One dead, four injured following crash in Gordon, Wisconsin,” Dec. 2, 2013