The road is an unpredictable place and motorists should be extra careful when driving. There is always a danger of injury or death when there is an accident on the road. However, there is more danger when there are multiple vehicles involved in the crash. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident which involved 70 cars resulted in the deaths of three people in Wisconsin.

The incident, which occurred in early December, was filmed by traffic cameras that were monitoring the area. The footage and initial investigations by authorities point toward extreme weather as possibly being a contributing factor to the crash. Apparently a single crash which would have normally not been as serious had turned into a huge car pileup on the road. This caused the road to be closed down for approximately nine hours.

The traffic surveillance video showed drivers and passengers exiting their cars and walking onto the highway in order to avoid more oncoming vehicles which had lost control and were sliding into the wreckage. One 63-year-old man died as a result of the fatal injuries suffered in the tragic accident. Statements released to the public did not mention any details on the other two decedents, however, authorities did report one person had suffered injuries which were considered life-threatening.

Although there have yet to be any reports of lawsuits filed as a result of the fatal accident in Wisconsin, those who were injured in the crash may have the possibility of obtaining monetary reimbursement by filing personal injury lawsuits against those they believe to have caused the crash. Family members of the decedents may also be able to file wrongful death lawsuits to help pay for funeral costs and other expenses related to the tragedy. However, a judge or jury will ultimately decide who is legally liable for damages.

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