Losing someone as a result of another driver’s negligence is never an easy situation to handle. But when the criminal courts do not deliver the sense of justice and closure you deserve, it can make that loss even more painful.

This was the sentiment expressed by the father-in-law of a trooper that was killed in a terrible truck accident last spring. His anger with the justice system is an all-too-familiar feeling for many of our readers who have suffered a loss at the hands of a negligent driver. And as with similar cases, the victim’s family could decide to take legal action against the driver to help with closure.

There is no denying that the 26-year-old Wisconsin truck driver that struck the state trooper’s vehicle was negligent. According to statements provided to police after the crash, he had fallen asleep at the wheel and had not tried to apply his breaks before colliding with the squad car. Upon further investigation it was also determined that the 26-year-old driver had broken federal regulations concerning drive times and had falsified his driving records so that he wouldn’t get in trouble.

Although the 26-year-old is currently facing up to three years in prison for his crimes, the victim’s father-in-law says this isn’t enough and questions how a sentence of three years will bring justice to the family. Whether the family will decide to take legal action against the driver is unknown, but it is worth noting that this could happen, especially if they feel like the punishment is not enough to cover the crime committed.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Troopers pack hearing on trucker charged in fatal crash,” Jonathan Bullington, Nov. 13, 2013