A car accident can cause tremendous pain and suffering to a victim and their family. Wisconsin residents may find a recent study that stated teen drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident and are the leading cause of death when it comes to car accidents interesting. This information could be useful for several reasons, including helping lower the risk to those who share the roads with these young drivers.

Sadly, 48 teenagers have lost their lives as the result of a car accident in just the past year alone. That makes car accidents the leading cause of deaths among teens in the state of Wisconsin. The state has a graduated driver’s license program in place which has proven to help, but many are still asking what else can be done. While some have mentioned raising the legal driving age to 18, others have pointed out this simply is not a realistic option as it is considered an agriculture state and many teens work on farms and have been operating farm equipment since a young age.

Other statistics given point out that teenagers do not have the mental capacity for driving that adults have and their reaction to certain situations are not the same. Since their mental maturity hasn’t reached its full capacity, they could be more likely to make errors when a quick decision must be made. Unfortunately for those that have been impacted by a teenage driver, these facts probably don’t relieve their pain.

Any Wisconsin driver that feels they have been the victim in a car accident involving a teenager may want to research their options within the applicable state laws. Accident-related expenses can cause financial stress to a victim and their family. With the appropriate knowledge, a victim can be hopeful to receive monetary compensation to help with these expenses.

Source: The Badger Herald, Car accident are leading cause of deaths for Wisconsin teens, Madeleine Behr, Oct. 21, 2013