As a milk truck was traveling down Wisconsin Highway 27, a car pulled out in front of it. The driver of the milk truck was unable to avoid colliding with the car. The resulting car accident injured several people.

The milk truck first hit the passenger side of the car that had pulled out in front of it. The impact sent the car spinning around where it slammed into the back tires of the truck. The car then ended up in oncoming traffic where it collided with another vehicle head-on.

The vehicle that pulled out in front of the milk truck was driven by an 18-year-old who suffered minor injuries to his knee and arm. The milk truck driver went on his own to get checked out at a hospital, and what injuries he suffered, if any, are unknown. The driver of the other vehicle sustained significant injuries to one of his feet.

The driver of the second car had two passengers in his vehicle. There was no report on the condition of one of the passengers. The other passenger had to be taken to the hospital via helicopter. He is said to have sustained injuries to his back and head, but his current condition is not known.

Luckily, no one was killed in this car accident. However, there are at least two people who may have significant medical costs and possibly lost wages to contend with for an undetermined amount of time. Those people may be able to recover their financial losses by filing personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed responsible for the accident as is prescribed in Wisconsin law.

Source:, Three vehicle accident sends four to hospital, Kevin Millard, Aug. 29, 2013