The sheriff’s department in Waupaca County has identified a 41-year-old Illinois man as the person who was killed when the boat he was riding in flipped over. In what appears to be a drunk driving accident, the boat was being towed by a truck when it flipped over. The victim sustained massive head injuries when he was ejected from the boat and died at the scene. A 13-year-old boy, who was also in the boat the time of the accident, was also ejected but did not sustain injuries.

The driver of the boat was arrested on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. In addition to the drunk driving charges in this fatal accident, the defendant could possibly be charged with other counts stemming from the death of the Illinois man as well as the presence of the minor in the boat. Not only could the state press additional charges against the driver, but the victims’ families could also file civil lawsuits in connection with the incident.

Charges of negligence and child endangerment could also come into play as the driver allowed the Illinois man and the boy to ride in a towed vehicle, which can be considered a dangerous situation. Depending on how the families of the man killed as well as the boy and the state of Wisconsin proceed, the defendant could end up facing a long list of complicated charges.

Incidents such as these call for attorneys experienced at defending individuals accused of driving while intoxicated. Lawyers familiar with Wisconsin’s drunk driving and motor vehicle accident laws may be able to help drivers in similar situations mitigate the effects of such charges.

Source: Journal Sentinel, “Victim in fatal towed boat accident ID’d as Illinois man“, September 02, 2013