People that drive in enclosed vehicles such as cars, jeeps or SUVs sometimes forget just how vulnerable motorcycle riders and their passengers are in comparison. When a motorcycle is involved in a car accident, the damage done to the rider and the rider’s passenger, if any, will undoubtedly be more severe than to the occupants of the enclosed vehicle. Most Wisconsin drivers know that it is necessary to exercise additional care when driving around motorcycles.

Sadly, a recent motorcycle vs. car accident here in Wisconsin illustrates what can happen when additional care isn’t taken around a motorcycle. A motorcycle was slowing in order to stop at an intersection when the vehicle behind it slammed into it pushing it out into the intersection. The vehicle also slid through the intersection and hit a retaining wall.

The motorcycle rider and his passenger were, of course, thrown off of the motorcycle. Both were taken to an area hospital by helicopter. Regrettably, the motorcycle’s driver passed away due to injuries received in the crash. The passenger on that motorcycle is still in the hospital, but the nature of the passenger’s injuries and current condition are not known.

It wasn’t reported what, if any, injuries the driver of the vehicle sustained. Police did arrest the driver because it is believed that he was intoxicated at the time of the car accident. What criminal charges the driver will ultimately face remains to be seen. That driver may also be facing civil actions from the family of the deceased victim and the passenger that is still in the hospital.

Source:, Motorcyclist killed in two-vehicle crash, No author, Sept. 3, 2013