A Wisconsin man is being detained on a bond of $25,000 cash in Portage County. He is being held in connection with a fatal accident that left two women dead and one man in the hospital. Police believe that he was the driver of in the single vehicle crash, and that he was driving under the influence at the time.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the driver lost control of the vehicle on a gravel road. The vehicle then ended up flipping over and ended up lying on the passenger side of the vehicle next to some trees. When police arrived, they discovered that two women who had been in the pickup truck were already dead. A man that was in the front passenger seat has to be extricated from the vehicle and airlifted to an area hospital.

Reports have not indicated whether the driver was injured as a result of the crash. Authorities believe, however, that the man was intoxicated and speeding just before the crash. The Portage County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin State Patrol will be working together to determine exactly what happened.

It has been recommended by authorities that the driver be charged with homicide and injury by “Intoxicated Use of Vehicle” since it is believed that the man was driving under the influence when the crash occurred. In addition to criminal charges, the families of the female victims and the injured passenger may also file civil actions against the driver. The results of the police investigation may prove useful in both criminal and civil court. No amount of money or prison time could erase the events of that night, but it may give the victims and their families some peace that justice was served.

Source: wsaw.com, “UPDATE: Bond Set at $25K for Suspect in Portage Co. Fatal,” July 22, 2013