Sometimes, readers of our blog hear tragic stories about injuries and deaths in motor vehicle crashes that happen in nearby states. While these accidents may be happening to other people miles away from residents here in Wisconsin, the aftermath that victims and their families go through is relatively the same. And like residents here in Wisconsin, the people involved in these accidents may also want to seek compensation from the person who caused their injuries.

Unfortunately for the victim’s family, the driver responsible for the man’s death is unknown because they fled the scene just shortly after striking the man. The hit-and-run accident occurred when the man, who was a passenger on the back of a motorcycle, fell of the back of the bike. After falling into the roadway, he was struck by the unknown driver and died from his injuries as a result.

Though police are not sure of the driver’s identity, they do believe that the vehicle was a Buick Regal and likely has front end damage that could lead to the discovery of the driver’s identity. In the meantime, the victim’s family must mourn the loss of their loved one and hope that the guilty driver is brought to justice in the near future.

Though it’s unknown if the victim’s family has plans to take civil action against the driver if they are ever found, it’s worth noting that they can in a situation like this. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, if may also be discovered that the driver of the motorcycle may be partially liable for the man’s death as well. If this is the case, the victim’s family may want to hold them accountable as well.

Source: The Star Tribune, “Male passenger falls off motorcycle near Sauk Centre, is killed by hit-and-run motorist,” The Associated Press, Aug. 26, 2013