It’s no secret that drinking and driving can have dire consequences. Drunk driving accidents take hundreds if not thousands of lives every year across the country and in Wisconsin. One man was recently arrested in connection with a fatal accident in which authorities believe he was driving under the influence at the time.

The accident happened on July 22 shortly before 9:00 p.m. The alleged drunk driver ran a stop sign and slammed into another car. The 64-year-old driver of the vehicle he hit died as a result of the injuries she sustained in the crash. The other occupant of the vehicle was her grandson, and he suffered serious injuries.

After the driver was treated for his injuries at a local hospital, he was taken into custody. According to reports, he told police that he had “blacked out” and has no recollection of the accident. It was determined that the man’s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit despite the fact that the man told police he had only had two beers prior to the accident.

The driver has been charged with homicide by drunk driving and by negligent driving. The family of the deceased victim and the injured teen, who is still a minor, each have the right under Wisconsin law to file civil actions against the driver. Proving negligence in drunk driving accidents may be easier than in other accidents since there will often be evidence that the driver was negligent. Information such as police reports and blood alcohol test results that indicate a driver was driving under the influence that may be used in criminal proceedings as well as in civil court.

Source:, “UPDATE: Charges filed against driver in fatal Barron Co. crash,” Keith Edwards, July 23, 2013