One of the attractions in the Wisconsin town of Lake Delton is Alligator Alley Adventures Go-Kart Track. Unfortunately, the track was the site of a terrible accident recently in which a man was killed. As a result, the track could find itself the subject of a wrongful death claim from the man’s family.

The man, who did not live in Wisconsin, was visiting family in Lake Delton. As he was driving his go-kart he somehow lost control of it. According to witnesses, there were no other drivers around him at the time. When he lost control, he struck a wooden post that was adjacent to the track.

People were there to help the man immediately. A medical helicopter was with a doctor aboard was called to the scene. Emergency medical personnel attempted to save the 45-year-old man’s life. However, their efforts were in vain and the medical flight doctor pronounced the man dead just 45 minutes after the crash occurred. The helicopter never got a chance to get airborne with its patient who died from head trauma.

Reports indicate that the go-kart track has been inspected by Wisconsin officials earlier in the year, and it had passed that inspection. That does not, however, preclude the man’s family from filing a wrongful death claim against the track in connection with the victim’s death. If the family is able to show that the track contributed to or caused his death, they may receive financial compensation. Filing such a claim won’t bring their loved one back, but it may help the family financially going forward.

Source:, “UPDATE: Authorities ID victim in Wisconsin go-kart crash,” July 5, 2013